The Co11ab Conected Residency

The Co11ab Conected Residency

Monday 3 August, 2020 - Friday 7 August, 2020
All Day

A collaborative group of multi-disciplinary artists who support each other to explore the boundaries of their individual and collective creative practices with an emphasis on process. Through installation, soundscape and performance, they employ an experimental approach to making work in which they consider how identities are formed and how individual experiences relate to the wider pattern of collective experience. They encourage each other to speak their truth, and aim to share this process widely, making meaningful connections with audience and participants.

Throughout lockdown The Co11ab Connected has continued to collaborate remotely through their ongoing Quipu Project, which plays on the concept of recording devices, from ancient to contemporary.

Emerging Work

‘Emerging Work’ is a slow release from lockdown, creating a project space for the further development of ideas. Throughout the week other creative practitioners have been invited to participate on a one-to-one basis.

knotting and unravelling, playing and rewinding

Quipu knots were an ancient recording device used notably in South America by the Inkas for activities such as story-telling and collecting census data. With this work the Co11ab Connected intend to connect with diverse groups: People who have a story to tell, and whose voices need to be heard.


Barbara Gardner-Rowell’s practice focuses on experimental, sustainable processes and materials such as natural dyeing and contemporary weaving. This collaborative project is exposing her work to new directions of sound, performance and scale. Barbara is developing her path in the field of Art and Social Practice through post graduate study with UHI.

Sharon Duncan-Brewster is an established Black-British actor. In this project, her focus is on the sound of the human voice; the sociological and psychological aspects of voice in silence, activation and release, along with the counter-experience of listening and interpreting these released sounds.

Sophie Ferguson is a theatre costume designer and emerging visual artist. She has been exploring installation ideas since a set-design residency in Berlin in 2015. She works across disciplines and aims to integrate installations, performance and events.



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