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Have They Taken Us Now?
Saturday 6 August - Sunday 28 August 2016 11:00am - 6:00pm
St Margaret's House

Opening Night Saturday 6th August, 18.30 – 22.00
Closing Night Saturday 27th August, 18.30 – 22.00

Have They Taken Us Now? is a performance-based exhibition by Saras Feijóo. An exploratory journey into our food addictions, our society and the extermination of the human race

Processed food has caused a degeneration of our bodies and created addictions that over the centuries have “ruled” our society. We have been sharing our bodies with many parasites and viruses which have led us to develop degenerative diseases and conditions that are unnatural.

As these addictions have been pushing us forward to always want more …and more …and more of the unnatural… they have then become the “norm” and many “businesses” have been built up around them creating our society as it is.

The pharmaceutical industry has never cured our ailments but instead has perpetuated them. A fine thread of life is sometimes seen through the eyes of those who in mortal and final stages of disease are still able to find the strength to show the life they have in them, behind these conditions. It doesn’t seem to be a business based on prevention… but on suppression.

The political and religious businesses have been manipulating us to believe in many things that don’t really exist… that we might not even need at all. They don’t seem to be businesses created to serve us as humans but rather to satisfy themselves… to develop power and to incapacitate us further.

The human race is being “exterminated”… Is this who we really are? Is this a clear result of our addictions and its consequences?

No voice, no choice, no quiet state of mind, no real truth, no control, no connections… Have They Taken Us Now?

from 6:30-10 pm
 Events begin at 7:00pm sharp – please arrive on time to avoid disappointment
Expect live art, dance, music, performances from: Soto by Suzi Cunningham,
Improvised Music by Atzi Muramatsu & Co, Studies in nonexistence
by Fiona Oliver-Larkin and Jelena Markovic
and opening exhibition performance: Death is Alive by Saras Feijóo.
Raw food delights by The Raw Ginger Piece and many more surprises..

from 6:30-10 pm
Featuring performances, live art, dance and music from:
Rebecca Green, Andrew Simpson, George Francis, Janine Melanie
and Saras Feijóo‘s closing exhibition performance: LIFE – an approximation to the Culture of the Ovum.
Raw food delights by The Raw Ginger Piece and more…
Yes, that is right: Expect the Unexpected!​



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St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 3
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road

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