Community Events Take 2

Take 2
Friday 24 September - Saturday 2 October 2021 11:00am - 4:30pm
St Margaret's House

Veronica Casey and John Colles

Gallery 1 Edinburgh Palette, St Margaret’s House.

Viewings: Saturday 10am – 6pm and Sunday & weekdays 11am – 4:40pm

September 29th 1918 marked the first performance of the Planets, a suite in seven movements composed by Gustav Holst. Each movement took the name of a planet and reflected musically its astrological or mythological ‘character’. This exhibition could be seen as a visual equivalent; a planet ‘quartet’ where the associations are, in some exhibits obvious, in others less clear.

In musical terms there are three motif’s:
Mars; Bringer of conflict
Venus: Bringer of peace and tranquility
Mercury; A Messenger controlled by the Gods but also a disruptive Trickster. All are embraced by the main theme, Uranus the Mystic and searcher of the Truth Beneath the Surface, a far bigger planet than the other three.

Veronica Casey

As a portrait painter you share your space with your collaborator and in that space the boundaries can be dropped and experiences told. Often the people I am drawn to have shown great determination having had a difficult or unusual path through life. I am always amazed by the person in front of me and honoured by what they share.

Working mainly in acrylic on board, the layers of my pieces are devices to work through until the space and feeling make sense to myself and can be read as the weight of the subjects experiences or a collection of moments.

After some years of art not at the forefront in my life I attended Leith School of Art’s painting course. This helped bring back a focus on painting, challenging my aims and bringing new developments in my practice.

Although my work is self directed I have completed private portrait commissions.


Selected events:

‘Listener’ , Portrait of Pete Gow, songwriter and journalist, used as cover art for his debut solo album, ‘Here There’s No Sirens’. Clubhouse Records 2019

‘Waterways’ , painting used as cover art for ‘The Violent Mood Swings’ self titled debut album 2017 and backdrop art for video, ‘Poisoned Chalice’ 2019


Mixed Summer Exhibition, Vab lab Gallery, 2017

Awarded The Painting Prize, Leith School of Art 2013

Perspectives, joint exhibition The Lot 2010

Fission, group show at North Edinburgh Arts, 2008

John Colles

My work is in the tradition of narrative art. It is a response to both social and political events; a response that contains sometimes anger, sometimes pity and sometimes joy. A painting is a representation of a single moment in time and thus relies on the viewer to complete the whole tale being told.

For many years I was a scientist, inventor and lecturer in problem solving and creativity. Latterly and aided by a number of full time courses at Leith School of Art I have become an artist.



Group exhibitions:

Tolbooth Gallery, Kirkcudbright:  2009 and 2010

Eastgate Gallery, Peebles: July-August 2011

Purchase Prize (Art in Healthcare) Leith School of Art  2013

Ceilidh Place, Ullapool: “Celebration” June-Aug. 2015

Dundas St Gallery: “Beyond the Figure” Dec. 2015

St Margarets House: “Naked Eye”, March 2016

Patriothall Gallery: (LSA, Contemporary Art), June 2016

Dundas St. Gallery: “Beyond the Figure 2) May 2017

St. Margarets House: “Medley”, Oct. 2017

Biggar Museum: “World War 1” Oct-Dec. 2018

Corn Exchange, Biggar: “Madainn Group”, March 2019

Killiecrankie Hotel:  2013 to 2020

Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 1
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

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