Exhibitions St Margaret’s House Summer Residents Show 2014

St Margaret's House Summer Residents Show 2014
Saturday 9 August - Sunday 7 September 2014 10:00am - 6:00pm
St Margaret's House

This August, the 2014 St. Margaret’s House Residents’ Show will showcase the eclectic mix of works produced in the building. All are warmly invited to join us, as we bring together the individual makers and artists who create beautiful works within our building.

The main aim is to establish a visually stimulating path in each gallery space, which will tease out connections between the works when they are brought together with other art practices.  Through a combination of loose curation and careful juxtaposition, it is hoped that this resulting movement at once makes sense to the audience and adds to the experience.

For those experiencing the building here for the first time, expect choice and diversity. “Expect to be amazed by the amount of talented artists in the building”, says Sophia Lindsay Burns who is curating the exhibition. You will also discover “practices you didn’t even know existed” and “if you are coming as buyers, a strong array of choice”. We do not often get to see the St. Margaret’s building from this perspective, of the community as a whole, so this in itself is very exciting.

In an art world that is increasingly fractured and stratified, any chance where one can witness many makers and art forms coming together in this way is to be welcomed. Better yet, coming together and realising that we form part of a community transforms an old Soviet Bloc into a living and breathing arts centre, and establishes this building even firmer into the Edinburgh arts scene.

Opening Friday 8th of August 2014 – 6.30pm

Exhibition will be open everyday from 10am-6pm

For St Margaret’s House residents only, please find information & blank registration forms below :

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Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Third Floor
St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

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By Sophia Burns

Artist - Curator - Art Lover