Exhibitions Second Nature

Second Nature
Friday 19 July - Sunday 28 July 2024 11:00am - 7:00pm
Suitable for: Everyone
Location: Edinburgh Palette - St Margarets house

Lily Hicks presents her debut solo exhibition, Second Nature, as a collection that reveals her connection to painting as becoming an instinctive act. With a focus on nature, Lily explores the intricate links between fauna and the human figure, portraying the interconnectedness of all bodies. Using oil and acrylic mediums, her work captures the essence and vitality of the natural world.

Second Nature showcases Lily’s artistic development but also invites viewers to
contemplate the profound ties we have with all living things

The event runs from July 19th until July 28th.

Viewing times are as follows, 

Monday-Friday: 11am – 7pm                                                                                      Saturday: 11am – 5pm                                                                                                Sunday: 12:15pm – 4pm