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Friday 27 May - Sunday 12 June 2022 9:00am - 7:00pm
St Margaret's House

By Carmen Carmeli

Come and accompany me in this my first solo. There will be good wine and good music!

About the work shown:
I gather earths from the places I intend to paint and make mortars. From rocks to river sands, all are painting materials. And responding to these materials’ qualities and colours, I layer, erode, polish and build up the surface. This process is what it’s all about for me. 

Many of the works are inspired by the abstract patterns found in nature and some are landscapes.

Monday – Friday: 9am – 7pm
Saturday/Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

BA Hons fine arts at Ruskin Anglia University, Cambridge, UK.
Graduate of Leith School of Art in Painting, Edinburgh, UK.
Earlier education in Spain and USA.

I have been showing my work in joint exhibitions, including the VAS annual exhibition at the Edinburgh National Galleries. The Lime Tree gallery. The Edinburgh Palette gallery. The Edinburgh Colony of Artists annual exhibition and The Bruton Art Society annual exhibition.

A few works at a time as each piece takes a long time.

Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 1
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

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