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re : birth
Saturday 28 September - Saturday 12 October 2019 11:00am - 5:00pm
St Margaret's House

re: birth is Spilt Milk’s second annual showcase of work by our national and international artist members. This years exhibition comprises over forty artists hailing from around the world and includes artists from Valencia, Australia, America, Canada, Malaysia and Denmark as well as several local artists based in Edinburgh and the UK.

This year’s theme;  (‘rebirth’ or ‘regarding birth’) has resulted in a diverse collection of work across all media forms exploring representations of birth and the maternal body, contemporary narratives of the mother and child relationship, postnatal anxiety, abstractions of domesticity as well as loss, grief and the cycle of life.

Our poster image features Josie McCoy’s 1997 painting ‘The Birth’ which was inspired by the cover of Chumbawamba’s 1994 album ‘Anarchy’. At the time, the album cover caused much controversy and was subsequently banned in several countries for being too explicit. ‘re:birth’ presents an honest and multifaceted account of the maternal experience, challenging the archetype of the ‘mother’, the censorship of the maternal body and the female experience.

As part of the exhibition, and recreated specifically for re:birth, we will also be presenting ’Interruptions’ a multi media installation by Mother Art Revisited, an American collective of women artists dedicated to creating socio-political art.

Exhibiting Artists:

Suzanne Shierson / Joetta Maue / Nadia Nizamudin / Talitha Kukk / Emily Zarse / Cassandra Harrison / Jennifer Long / Flore Gardner / Sarah Rychtarova / Alexandra Knox / Krystelle Bamford / Charlene Scott / Kasey Jones / Alex Baker / Libby McFalls / Lauren Frances Evans / Sofia Barton / Adele Mary Reed / Zoe Freny / Imogen Di Sapia / Lee Powell Wilson / Kaylan Buteyn / Victoria Smitts / Joanna Szot / Laura Fooks / Laura Ajayi / Arin Ashley / Mya Cluff / Freddie Thomas / Genevieve Bicknell / Jessica Kirkpatrick / Suzanne Little / Crytal Brown / Jessica Timmis / A.M.W. / Josie McCoy / Sally Richardson / Jill Skulina / Katharina Quecke / Fi Bailey / Izabela Brudkiewicz / Toni Pepe / Anneleen Lindsay / Dawn Yow / Tracey Taylor / Mia Marie Overgaard / Mother Art Revisited Collective /

Private Viewing: 28th September 2 – 5pm

Open Daily: 29th September – 12th October 11am – 5pm

Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 1
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

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