“Pingoo” Doorstop Workshop

"Pingoo" Doorstop Workshop

Saturday 5 August, 2017 - Saturday 5 August, 2017
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Suitable for: All levels

Price: £15

This is Pingoo.
He has been with us ever since we can remember and he has been the most useful penguin we ever had in our studio…
However, Pingoo seems to be on his last legs and therefore we have decided to re-create him 🙂
Come and join us at our Saturday workshop and make your own one.
You don’t need to bring anything, but if you have a specific fabric you want to use, that’s cool, bring that with you!
We have sewing machines you can use, but again, if you want to bring your own, feel free!!
The cost is £15 (and that includes all the tea & coffee you can drink) and up-cycling fabrics we collected for us for this venture.
All you need is your own pair of scissors 😉
You’ll end up with your own creation and the pattern, so you can make more at your spare time.
Contact us on 07427622816
Cheers x