Free Lecture | Lustre: A True Nanotechnology

Free Lecture |  Lustre: A True Nanotechnology

Sunday 19 October, 2014 - Sunday 19 October, 2014
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

All are warmly invited to attend Lustre Alchemy: A true Nanotechnology, a talk that will be lead by Trinitat Pradell, Professor of Applied Physics, UPC-BarcelonaTech and is arranged in partnership with the Bridge Pottery Collective’s Celebrating Ceramics exhibition.  The talk unveils the science behind lustre, how the nanostructure is obtained and how it is related to the lustre colour and shine, explores the main features of historical lustre productions, in particular how the amazing history of lustre production relates to ancient Alchemy.

Pradell recently stated that:

Lustre is one of the most fascinating and beautiful decorations made by mankind. It was first discovered by Islamic glassmakers in the AD 8th century in Egypt or Syria and transferred to decorate ceramics in the AD 9th century in Iraq. The wonderful colour and shine of lustre is the result of the formation of extremely small metallic particles of silver and/or copper, a million times smaller than a millimetre in size, and involves a true Nanotechnology.

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