Workshops Fitness and Health Introductory Yoga Course

Introductory Yoga Course
Wednesday 22 November 2023 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Teacher: Lucy Brownhall
Suitable for: Beginners, over 16s
Price: £96 (12 weeks)

This 12 week Introductory Course is the ideal start to your yoga journey. Aimed at absolute beginners, we start at the very beginning, introducing the foundation level asanas gradually, week by week. You will learn the basic actions that will eventually enable you to progress to more challenging poses, if you continue to practice regularly. We teach Iyengar yoga, which includes all aspects of yoga – long and short holds, sequences, restorative yoga, challenging and remedial approaches. The Beginners classes are physically challenging with an emphasis on standing asanas. Minor health issues can be accommodated within the class but if you have a more complex medical condition, please contact the studio first – one to one sessions may be more suitable initially.

By the end of the course, you will be ready to move on to our Beginners 1 class. As you progress through the levels, you will be introduced to a wider range of asanas and a more subtle understanding of yoga, through the connection between the body and the breath. Everyone progresses at different rates and there is no pressure to move on! However, we do have classes for each stage of your yoga journey. If you have previous yoga experience, please contact Lucy to see which level of class will suit you best –

We provide all the equipment in our purpose built yoga studio. You just need to wear stretchy clothes and be ready to work in bare feet. Many people start to feel better from their first class – lighter, calmer, more focused and more energised. After 4-6 classes, most people notice improvements in sleep and digestion and a more positive outlook.

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Yoga Now studio is on the 4th floor of St Margaret’s House.

At Yoga Now, we do our best to make it easy and fun for you to learn and progress. All of our teachers have years of yoga training and teaching experience and we are all also students of yoga, constantly learning and developing our own practice. Our Term Passes offer both flexibility and low cost classes with expert tuition.