Introduction to Patterncutting (Summer School)

Introduction to Patterncutting (Summer School)

Wednesday 5 August, 2020 - Friday 7 August, 2020
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Teacher: Jen Skedd
Suitable for: Adults. experience is required of working with commercial paper patterns

Price: £190

Introduction to patterncutting

A 3-day course to introduce you to the principles and practices of pattern cutting.

Wednesday 5 – Fri 8 August 2020

Course Description

Being able to make your own patterns is a useful skill to have, and it helps you understand how to alter and adapt commercial paper patterns too. This course running over 3 days is an excellent introduction to pattern cutting and will give you the foundation skills to be able to design your own skirt patterns. It will also cover how to make top, dress and sleeves and collar patterns too.

The course is composed of a series of tutorials, each followed by a practical session so you can practise the skills learnt in that section. Starting at the very beginning with an introduction to the concept of ease and techniques of fitting flat fabric around the curves of a body, the lessons will build your knowledge and technical ability over the three days (18 hours in total).

Artisan Stitch won a Certificate of Excellence in January 2019 and is rated ‘Best sewing classes in Edinburgh’.

What will I learn?

A simple introduction to pattern cutting is to make a skirt. You’ll learn how to draft a basic skirt block, and how to manipulate it to add various style features such as panels/gores, pleats, flare, yokes and waistbands. You’ll create a personal toile, fit it and turn it into a completed skirt pattern of your own design.

We’ll look at the pattern marking necessary to communicate your intended design and construction features so you can produce a professional-quality pattern.

We’ll also look at the various types of bodice blocks, and how to choose the most suitable one to draft your desired top or dress pattern. How to manipulate bust and waist darts to make original designs, princess line garments, and how to make sleeve and collars.

Who is this aimed at?

  • Anyone who’s dissatisfied with the style or fit of commercial patterns and would like to be able to make their own.
  • You must be a competent dressmaker with experience of garment construction techniques using commercial paper patterns for skirts, tops and dresses. (You may consider the ‘Better Dressmaking‘ summer school course instead?)

Course arrangements

Sewing machines are provided (There’s very little sewing required so it’s probably not worth bringing your own but you can if you prefer.)

You will also need some pattern-drawing equipment and your basic sewing kit:

Metre rule, pattern curve (see link for the ‘Patternmaster’ tool below), mechanical pencils, eraser, calculator, notebook, tape measure (in cm), fabric shears, pins, chalk-marking pencils or pens

Cost £190 includes calico and paper pack. Additional materials will available for a small charge if required.

There will be a break for lunch and short breaks during the day.

Limited places available so early booking is essential at : Introduction to pattern cutting .  For enquiries, contact or 0773 939 7369

Useful links:

The ‘Patternmaster‘ and other pattern cutting equipment can be purchased from most good sewing supplies shops or Morplan, who are a supplier to the garment industry.

An alternative patternmaster tool can be obtained from Amazon


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