Exhibitions Inside My Head

Inside My Head
Tuesday 20 August - Monday 2 September 2019 All Day
St Margaret's House

Digitally Created Art
Richard A Clohessy

Opening evening: 23rd August 7 – 9pm

Artist Statement

Why I am Exhibiting

The exhibition is about how art helped me through my mental illness, the creation of simple works , doodles , at first helped me to get the frustrations and blackness out of my head. How it helped me to express what was in my head. How I was lost in there and was on a journey to get out , put my head into order and cope. I never told anyone  about the doodles till last year. The response from people has led to this exhibition of showing my work.
Whilst it has not gone away, I can still have black days and I still medicate to help, I am in a much better place  through art.


I am originally from Coventry and trained in catering. I moved to Edinburgh in 1986 as a deputy hotel manager, loved the city and never left. I had two great teachers at school, one gave me a love of art the other a love of classical music I can only thank them for both. Fast forward some 32 years and I was having some mental health issues due to stress at work, anxiety attacks and depression. I was signed off for six months ill and underwent counselling. A friend introduced me to paint and I started to doodle in my spare time. The creation of art helped me cope through the day, although some of my creations often reflect good days and bad day. I found the creations acted as a conduit to release any pressure I felt. I retired in September 2018 and showed them to my ten year old son he liked them I hope you do.


Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 3
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road

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