Get Creative With Fused Glass

Get Creative With Fused Glass

Saturday 19 October, 2019 - Saturday 19 October, 2019
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

Teacher: Irina Stancheva, 523 Glass Studio
Suitable for: Beginners and improvers

Price: £55 per person

Have you ever tried fusing glass? It is fun and utterly addictive. In this workshop you will learn how this is done and give it a go. If you already have basic skills, you can work on your desired project or learn new techniques.

Kiln-formed or fused glass is a craft known since ancient times and has been used for making jewellery and vessels. Through the ages, the craft of fusing glass was largely forgotten until it was re-discovered in the 1950-ties. Currently, fusing glass is a popular hobby as well as a distinct and versatile art form.

Fusing glass enables individual pieces to be transformed into a single object when they are put together and exposed to high temperature in a kiln. Depending on the temperature used, different textures and other interesting visual effects can be achieved. Furthermore, placing the glass into a mold or on a prop can produce three-dimensional forms of varying complexity.

In this workshop you will:

• learn the basics of fusing glass
• become skilled in cutting glass and assembling simple forms
• learn how to achieve desired textures and other effects
• design and make your own glass objects to take home

Note that your creations will not be ready at the end of the workshop, but will be available to collect from the studio few days after the workshop. Tools and materials will be provided.

To inquire or book a place please email Irina at


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