Flying Low and Passing Through Workshop

Flying Low and Passing Through Workshop

Monday 10 June, 2019 - Monday 10 June, 2019
11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Teacher: Tess Letham and Nerea Gurrutxaga Arruti
Suitable for: Adults: Dance experience required

Price: £25 (£20 - Early Bird - if booked before 31st May)

We are inviting you to a Flying Low and Passing Through Workshop!

Hosted by Tess Letham and Nerea Gurrutxaga Arruti

In this full day workshop we will share our dance knowledge and experience of these methods with you all.

The day will be divided in two parts. There will be a 2 hours Flying Low session followed by a 3 hours Passing Through session, with an hour lunch break in between.

We have trained extensively with David Zambrano – the author of Flying Low and Passing Through, separately as well as together and have been teaching these methods throughout Scotland and beyond. This practice is a main inspiration for us both, we are delighted and excited to share our passion in a full day of dancing!

St. Margaret House, 151 London road, Edinburgh
Studio G25

10th June / 11am -5pm

£20 early bird ( until 31st May)
£25 normal price

Open to everybody with a movement/dance practice.
Professional or non-professional.


What to expect:

Flying Low focuses on the dancers relationship with the floor and with each other. Utilising simple movement patterns, which explore the principles of cohesion and expansion, the gathering and sending of our whole body. We will learn how to move in and out of the floor more efficiently by maintaining a centred state, with attention to connecting with the whole room and everyone within it.

Passing Through is an instant compositional group dance where we have infinite possibilities of pathways in curve. Working together we will learn how to invite the environment around us, not forgetting any part of it or anyone. To be open to any possibility and prepared for any situation that may take us into a new pathway, keeping the doors open for the unpredictable.


Studio G25, St. Margaret House, 151 London road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road


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