Community Events Figures Pop-Up Exhibition

Figures Pop-Up Exhibition
Friday 24 July - Friday 7 August 2020 9:00am - 12:00pm

We will be posting the link on Friday to this ONLINE exhibition. These works are by Evie Jamieson, Laura Manescau and Marcin Krupa, should you be interested in any pieces please contact the individual artist.

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Evie Jamieson is figurative artist who works in a variety of media and strive to find the “right” colour, light and texture to bring my work to life. I have painted and exhibited in the Languedoc area of France. I also exhibit in London, Kent and Surrey. I now live in Edinburgh where I continue painting and exhibiting.

Laura Manescau is a figurative artist from Argentina based in Edinburgh. She specialised in portraiture and caricatures. Currently she is studying illustration at Edinburgh College. She is interested in human facial expressions, psychology and human behaviour.

Marcin is a visual artist based in Edinburgh. He was trained as a sculptor but decided to expand his skills in other art disciplines such as drawing and painting. The predominant subject throughout his art career is human form. He advocates in his works for body positive philosophy and celebrates beauty of different body types, gender equality and right to self expression. He explores taboo subjects in society and challenges social norms.