Existential Questions? A Series of Six Process Art Workshops

Friday 12 October, 2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Teacher: Lindsay Jane McBride Gibson, Process Artist and Workshop Facilitator
Suitable for: These workshops are suitable for adult human beings who are excited to learn experientially. No specific art skills required, only requirement is a willingness to share the experience.

Price: £20. Please request part payment in exchange if appropriate.

Are you tired of living in a culture where “dumbing down is so prevalent?
Do you like wrestling with the BIG questions?
Come, join us in an exploration of the existential layer of our life process.

In this series of workshops we will take the time to make art, reflect on and share about that which makes us human. One by one you are invited to visit those challenging aspects of the human condition which are unavoidable and which pose ultimately unsolvable questions. Our creativity is put to the best of uses when called upon to remake our answers to these existential questions.
Each week we will explore where we are currently standing in relation to one of six universal themes:
1. embodiment
2. autonomy and relatedness
3. freedom and responsibility
4. death and other limitations
5. meaning and meaninglessness
6. the Un-known
You may attend these workshops as a complete series or individually.

The exploration of each theme will take place in a small creative group and will comprise of a series of listening, making art, reflecting and sharing practices which you will be guided through.

Numbers are limited so booking is recommended. Booking can be made directly with Lindsay
Tel: 0131 552 6522
Email: lindsaygibson77@gmail.com
Website: https://creativityforwellbeingworkshops.wordpress.com/
Facebook: @Creativity for Wellbeing
or on Eventbrite:


The Drawing Room
The Drawing Room (Studio 3.10)
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road