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Saturday 11 May - Saturday 25 May 2024 12:00pm - 5:00pm
St Margaret's House
Suitable for: Everyone
Location: Edinburgh Palette - St Margarets house

Purpose of whole project idea for Edinburgh Palette.

“Edinburgh Palette, after the pandemic was flooded by letters from Business Stream stating the tenants are not paying business rates (even though they shouldn’t) for their studios.

Edinburgh palette were right and we had confirmation from the Scottish Parliament stating this…We shouldn’t be paying the business rates that Business Stream was insisting we have to pay. They were sending hundreds and hundreds of letters a week and threatening us with phone calls daily. It was going on for more than one year, it was very intimidating. And no matter how many times we complained, it was impossible to stop this bureaucratic machine. Taking away a lot of energy and time from the office.

So, there were piles of these letters, which we didn’t know what to do, and the idea came to use it for art and give them a purpose.

And visual artist Panna was approached by Edinburgh palette And asked to create installations and artwork using these letters and give it a new meaning”.

“EMOTIONLESS MACHINE”… “COCKROACH”…these were the words used to describe the feeling of receiving these continuous letters.

My idea, from this first impression, was to create something beautiful out of this ‘mess’.

My overall idea

This whole process started with the first piece, a chunky geometrical “thing”, taller than me! and over the years, it developed into something very delicate. I was not consciously making decisions of what to do. I just waited for ideas to come and it just naturally evolved.

I Worked from big to small.

Everything changed. I started to include wood, trees; the essence of paper, the origins of the paper from the beginning….Back to basics.

Process of making

I was manipulating these letters, as they were manipulating St Margaret’s house and its tenants.

On reflection, there is a circular, spiral theme that has evolved…the never ending circle of life…eternity….never ending letters?

My materials started with 3 crates and 1 large bin bag full of leaflets and letters!.

What a task!!!!

So…. The way to start was at the beginning!!!!

I opened all the letters and separated them all into colour and size and shape. Phew!!! That was a task!!!!

The leaflets were the tricky obstacle for me as they were colourful and so different from the letters but as the slogan on one of the leaflets said “we got this”…. So I continued!!!!!

I just loved the studio and sitting with the materials and just Looking and letting things just happen.

Cutting, sticking and not sure where it was going but I continued and it evolved into something I never imagined.

So, I stopped counting at 1245 letters! Then I just thought it didn’t matter anymore, they were just never ending! And I accepted that.

The ‘bureaucracy dragon” was going mad in my little studio!

I did have a problem as I see my art works were very structured to start with; ordered and symmetrical….. but then I started to see the flaws, it’s not perfect but this allowed to be step out of this “perfection” idea and just let it flow whichever way it wanted to go, and that’s exactly what I did.

This allowed me to be “free”, step out from the confines I had built for myself and it was the best thing I did!

As you will see, there art works here have developed into a fluid state, curving and bending with no demands…and this is how I developed, allowing, letting myself be free with the paper… just me and paper… pages… panna.


Location details

St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 1
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road
Edinburgh EH7 6AE

How to find St Margaret’s House