Attending to the Unattended – Vittoria Grant

Attending to the Unattended - Vittoria Grant

Monday 22 July, 2019 - Monday 5 August, 2019
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Works in mixed media

Opening night: 22nd July 6pm – 9pm

Artist’s Statement:
The whole is always more than the sum of the parts.
In the last five years I have been focusing on mixed media and especially collage, not as a means to reduce my perceptions to a collection of separate parts to analyse, rather as a means to convey a new multidimensional dynamic whole, a whole new story.

It has been a difficult and confusing journey for my brain, having to move from chaos into a new order of perception and for my body having to exert itself in producing it.

Many times in frustration I have thrown the sponge on it not metaphorically speaking but in a concrete way, a sponge soaked in colour or ink. It always turned out to be a liberating gesture; a new splash of colour dripping and dribbling across the background made a fresh and loud mark ,impregnated with some significance and exciting to see, echoed by a note of encouragement to keep going rather than quit.

I understand that this body of work is just a beginning of what could become an endless journey of invention.

My intention is to keep pushing the various elements and principles underlying my work to new levels.

To make this intention become my drive is the next steep climb I am facing now. Therefore wish me persistence!


Third Floor
St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Road


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