Exhibitions Anima

Saturday 5 March - Sunday 20 March 2016 11:00am - 6:00pm
St Margaret's House

Public opening Friday 4 March 2016, 6:00 pm
Preview Saturday 5 March 2016, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The project “Anima’’ features work of two artists who practise different techniques and use different materials but both find common places in each practice.

Icon with it’s aesthetics and spirituality was a starting point of the project. It has a different meaning to both artists but it also brings them together.

Icon (from Greek) is an image. Traditional icon depicts Divine reality. It could be created using many media and techniques. Most popular are icons painted on wood covered with thin layers of gesso using egg tempera which is one of the oldest painting techniques. Using organic materials helps to connect with the creation and the Creator. It also encourages an artist to begin a relationship with the material and in consequence with the image she/he is depicting.

There are many similarities in both glass and icon painting. They both meet on many levels.

Basia and David are showing their personal view of the same matter but both working with their own tools.

The main aim of each piece is to portrait person’s souls.

As the traditional icon is a representation of divinity, for us any human-being is a part of that divine mystery, or buddahood.  This work is not connected with any religious belief.  Although Christian imagery is very present. It only works like a pretext for a wider subject.

Every image is a map of one spiritual travel. A mixture of dreams, beliefs, aspirations and the fate imprinted on everyone.


Torola will perform at the public opening on Friday 4 March

Torola is a group of nine women and men who have been meeting to sing polyphonic songs from the country of Georgia since May 2015. The songs, from a variety of regions, are mainly traditional and some are very ancient. There are many genres, from work to healing to feasting to church songs, and both region and genre give distinctive flavours and atmospheres. Torola (‘Skylark’ in Georgian) is led by David Tugwell.
Contact georgiansong@gmail.com




David Mola was born in Antequera, Spain in 1971. Mola works predominantly in the medium of hot glass, but his career comes from other paths.

Fascination with glass come from far: he was born in a glazier shop, and this medium (glass) has been surrounding him all the time.

Has a Communication Sciences degree done at the Complutense University, in Madrid.

He has also studied in the “Centre of Vidre” in Barcelona, as a stained glass and kiln glass designer.

Since 2004 he’s running his own studio, working on architectural glass, restoration and teaching.

Lives in Edinburgh.

Contact www.davidmola.com

Basia Mindewicz

Born in Poland, Warsaw in 1978. Studied special education and then Arts – Icon Painting. Graduated from the only icon painting school in Poland in 2008.

Basia is interested in a spiritual arts but also spirituality of art. She sees spirituality not only in work of art itself but also in a creative process. She now is realizing that there is no need to use a name icon. All her paintings are in some way inspired or rooted in the orthodox traditional icon painting but not necessarily are icons in the traditional sense of that term.

Basia has her own studio at St. Margaret’s House in Edinburgh. Since 2013 she also runs Edinburgh School of Icon Painting.

She works in egg tempera (using egg yolk) and a mixture of egg tempera with acrylics on wood, mdf, drift wood and other surfaces.

Contact www.basiamindewicz.blogspot.co.uk


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St. Margaret’s House – Gallery 3
St Margaret's House, 151 London Road

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