A celebration of the outdoors and the love of the Scottish Landscape and from the perspective of indoors 2020.

An exhibition of fifteen paintings by three Edinburgh based artists Karen Duncan, Kirsten Lawrie and Sarah Kay Wren.

I am a community artist and have been working with Karen and Kirsten creatively for nearly 20 years. We meet regularly in our shared studio. Karen and Kirsten have additional needs and our process is collaborative and informed by their interests and way of working.  Kirsten is very interested in animals and pattern and Karen loves colour and expressive mark making.  Working on several pieces at once, artworks develop organically and over time, some paintings can take up to a year to complete. Favouring mixed media we use acrylic paints, ink, pastels and print techniques on canvas board and paper. Outcomes are personal, lively and multi-layered.

Karen and Kirsten have exhibited their artwork through a number of galleries and events in the city. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity for all 3 of us to exhibit together with my own Scottish landscape paintings.

During this lockdown period we have been meeting virtually for short sessions to complete some new artworks for this exhibition which includes five paintings by each artist.

This exhibition is supported by Space Artworks and in partnership with Kiran’s Trust a Scottish charity which supports creative expression.

Space Artworks is a not for profit Social enterprise that supports artists with disabilities to make exhibit and share artwork with others.

For more information please see our website:   www.spaceartworks.co.uk