Landscapes of Scotland

Landscapes of Scotland

Friday 4 June - Friday 18 June
All Day

By Jesica Niosi.

A mixture of acrylic and ink pen landscapes in both Scotland and Uruguay.


On Tree Time

On Tree Time

Friday 4 June - Sunday 20 June
All Day

‘On Tree Time’ is an exhibition about the ways in which trees adapt and endure. Although they move too slowly for us to perceive, over the span of centuries wood flows, trunks twist and limbs turn. Here Tansy Lee Moir presents a new body of work on paper in charcoal, pastel and oil, celebrating the resilience and life force of trees.

“When I begin to draw an ancient tree I’m struck by a powerful feeling of my being a short-lived creature amongst ancients.”

Tansy Lee Moir is an artist inspired by the forms and stories of old trees. Her art encourages us to look at trees in new ways and to think about our ancient, layered relationships with them as living organisms. Based just outside Edinburgh, she makes work in charcoal, pastel and oil and teaches drawing online and runs workshops.

The exhibition will be open to the public subject to current government guidelines. For opening times and bookings visit the exhibition website.  https://www.tansyleemoir.co.uk/gallery/on-tree-time/

It can also be viewed online here https://www.tansyleemoir.co.uk/gallery/on-tree-time/

All works in the exhibition are for sale, contact mail@tansyleemoir.co.uk to enquire.


Arion Art Group Exhibition

Arion Art Group Exhibition

Friday 18 June - Sunday 20 June
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Arion Art Group

We are artists who are based in and around Edinburgh. With diverse perspectives and interests, we share a passion for our individual subjects and painting approaches.

Jennifer Batty

Hazel Brady

Shelagh Brian

Trevor Davies

Suzy Harris

Mira Knoche

Mary Lambie

Carolyn Maxwell

Jayne McIntyre

Sue Sim

Mike Spring

Louise Todd

Catherine Young

Opening night: 17th June between 6 – 8pm

You can view an archive of our past online exhibitions below.