Saturday 20 November - Sunday 5 December
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Liminal explores a diverse range of ideas and methodologies by 10 practicing artists. Working through the last eighteen months, mentoring sessions and group critiques led by artists and educators Matt Stornstein and Jill Boualaxai helped facilitate a commitment to creative practice and proved a catalyst for this exhibition.

Artists include: Cally Buchanan, Andy Moir, Lindsay Storstein, Jude Nixon, Irene Jordan, Susie Johnston, Sarah Knox, Jane Dickinson, Joan Prickett and MaryAnne Hunt

Private viewing: 19th November 6 – 9pm

Untitled 2021

Untitled 2021

Friday 3 December - Wednesday 8 December
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

The ‘untitled2021’ exhibition is part of a cultural exchange with a number of Italian art galleries whose interests and sensibilities are congruent with those of the artists. This event is the first step in that journey.

My challenge, as leader of this project, was – and is – to bring together a group of artists that I met here in Edinburgh, and who shared with me an affinity of thought and feelings. The purpose of the exhibition is to make the work that emerged from our common preoccupations known to a wider public.

Animals. Sentient Beings.

Animals. Sentient Beings.

Friday 3 December - Sunday 5 December
12:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Art Exhibition of contemporary and traditional icon painting by Basia Mindewicz. An artist, icon painter and mentor to many students.

Opening – 3rd December 2021 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Exhibition Open 4th and 5th December

Saturday – 11:00 am till 5:30 pm

Sunday. – 12:15 pm till 4:30 pm

Basia “I wanted to express how I feel about the place that animals often have in our lives and how important is to me to talk about our relationship”.


You can view an archive of our past online exhibitions below.

Tansy Lee Moir
Tansy is a visual artist based just outside Edinburgh, working predominantly in charcoal and pastel. Originally from Matlock in Derbyshire, she gained a BA Hons in 3D Design at Manchester Metropolitan University.  After working as a puppet maker and performer, she moved to Edinburgh in 1994 and spent the next fifteen years developing a practice combining art with a community development approach, working with marginalised communities throughout Central Scotland.
In 2008 she set up her studio in Edinburgh’s St. Margaret’s House to focus on drawing, developing a body of work inspired by trees. Since then she has exhibited widely across Scotland and UK and in 2017 moved to work from her purpose-built garden studio. She is a member of the Society of Scottish Artists.
Margaret Pitt
Margaret C.C. Pitt graduated with a B.A.Honours in Fine Art-Printmaking from Gray’s School of Art. The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, in 2003. She also has a B.A. Honours from the Open University in 1985. Courses for this degree were in Art History and Literature. She is a professional member of Visual Arts Scotland.
Margaret’s work has been exhibited widely in Edinburgh, London, Glasgow, Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire Galleries. It has also been purchased for the collections of local businesses/organisations including The Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Viscom, Activ, Payroll and Fifth Ring.
Margaret went to Art School after retiring from teaching and since graduating has continued to produce and show work at her studio which is open to the public by appointment.
For enquiries or to arrange to view works in the artists’ studios, please contact Tansy mail@tansyleemoir.co.uk or Margaret margaretccpitt@btinternet.com