Events - 3 Aug 20

Figures Pop-Up Exhibition

Friday 24 July - Friday 7 August
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

We will be posting the link on Friday to this ONLINE exhibition. These works are by Evie Jamieson, Laura Manescau and Marcin Krupa, should you be interested in any pieces please contact the individual artist.

Figures Pop-Up Exhibition »

The Co11ab Conected Residency

Monday 3 August - Friday 7 August
All Day

A collaborative group of multi-disciplinary artists who support each other to explore the boundaries of their individual and collective creative practices with an emphasis on process. Through installation, soundscape and performance, they employ an experimental approach to making work in which they consider how identities are formed and how individual experiences relate to the wider pattern of collective experience. They encourage each other to speak their truth, and aim to share this process widely, making meaningful connections with audience and participants.

Throughout lockdown The Co11ab Connected has continued to collaborate remotely through their ongoing Quipu Project, which plays on the concept of recording devices, from ancient to contemporary.

Sturgeon Full Moon Yoga

Monday 3 August
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Tribes in North America typically caught Sturgeon around this time, but it is also when grain and corn were gathered so is sometimes referred to as Grain Moon.
The water from the vessel of Aquarius washes away the past, providing room for fresh starts.

The sturgeon fish is swimming into our lives to prove we are stronger than we realise.The sturgeon is a tough fish that can live up to 140 years, offering hope we will make it through the remaining months of the year.

Our yoga class will help you to become stronger in your body, mind and emotions. How?In yoga strength and flexibility work together while being able to use your mind skilfully. Our class will help you to stay focused, grounded, centered and see clearly.
The class will be online via zoom.

Mob: 07930073303