Events - 7 Feb 19

Dressmaking Course

Dressmaking Course

Wednesday 9 January - Wednesday 27 March
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

This dressmaking course will teach you how to make your own unique clothes that fit perfectly. Or if you’ve already done a bit of dressmaking, then you can improve your techniques. I’ve been dressmaking since I was at school. I’ve also studied Bridalwear and Tailoring so I’ve learned lots of tips and tricks that give your projects a polished look. During this course, I’ll be focussing on teaching technique so your clothes won’t look ‘Homemade’, but ‘Handmade’. No-one will believe you made them yourself.

If you’ve already familiar with dressmaking techniques and commercial patterns and you’d like to learn pattern cutting, then you can do this here too.

You should be able to use a sewing machine confidently, have had practice making at least one or two craft projects, and have an awareness of basic seams and hems. If you do not, then I recommend you take one of my Beginners classes first.

I’ll coach you along the way in the following:

How to choose an appropriate pattern for your level of ability,
Taking measurements, cutting and fitting the pattern, understanding pattern markings and instructions
Altering the pattern for a perfect fit
Sewing tips and techniques to achieve a professional finish

Course arrangements
A small class size (Maximum 4 students) ensures I’m able to give you lots of individual attention on your own choice of project.

Must be booked in advance at:

Contact: or 0773 939 7369

Beginners Sewing & Dressmaking

Beginners Sewing & Dressmaking

Thursday 10 January - Thursday 28 February
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

This 8-week evening class in foundation sewing skills will not only teach you how to use a sewing machine, but also some foundation dressmaking skills.

Who is this aimed at?
Absolute Beginners. No previous sewing experience is required.
If perhaps you’ve had a long break from sewing and would like a refresher, then this class is suitable for you too or try my Refresher Sewing Class.
What will I learn?
how to use a sewing machine
how to sew straight lines, curves and turn corners
basic seam types
how to take up hems
how to insert zips and make machined buttonholes
a mini-project to give you experience measuring and cutting fabric.

A simple pencil or A-line skirt is a good first dressmaking project once you’ve learned how to use a sewing machine. A pencil skirt has a few challenges. It will teach you the following foundation dressmaking techniques:

how to measure yourself and find the right size of pattern
understanding pattern markings, laying out and cutting fabric
how to sew darts
sewing seams
how to neaten raw edges
how to sew a zip
using interfacing to stabilise the fabric
how to attach a waistband
how to take up a hem
Course arrangements
Fabrics are provided for the first 3 weeks. After that you’ll need to bring your own fabric for your tote bag, and your pattern, fabric and any other items required to make the skirt. I’ll provide a list of things you need once you’ve booked.

For enquiries, contact jen@, or 0773 939 7369. To book, go to:



Maker's Portraits - Free Session

Maker's Portraits - Free Session

Friday 1 February - Thursday 28 February
All Day

The Maker’s Portrait is a project that seeks to bring together a community of creatives and makers around Edinburgh, where you as a maker / artist can share your story, skills, inspirations, spaces and day-to-day life. It also aims to show the human behind the social media, a real person with dreams and struggles that enjoys the handmade way of life. If you are working with metal, clay, fabric, yarn, glass, paint, wood … I will love to hear from you.

During February I will be taking the portrait of 5 residents of St. Margaret’s House for free, please if you want to be part of this platform contact me on to book a 30 min. session at your studio.

Many thanks.

Patchwork Hearts Cushion

Patchwork Hearts Cushion

Thursday 7 February
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Patchwork hearts is an easy embroidery workshop to show you how to upcycle old denim jeans and fabric scraps. Then you will turn them into a lovely new valentine-themed cushion.

Course description
Learn some easy machine embroidery techniques to use up scraps of fabrics. Then turn your embellished panel into hearts and applique them onto the denim patchwork squares. Finally, you’ll learn how to make an envelope cushion. Or you can make a wall-hanging instead.

Your patchwork hearts cushion will be completely unique and the envy of your friends. For other recycling projects, why not try Rags to Riches too?

Who is this aimed at?
Anyone who’d like to use their sewing machine creatively. Perhaps you’re bored with dressmaking, or small craft items and are looking for new craft ideas?

What will I learn?
How to make new fabric from scraps
Bonding and layering techniques
Using a basic sewing machine for embroidery
What threads you can use
Applique & patchwork techniques
How to make an envelope cushion (or you can back your panel to make a wall-hanging instead)

Must be pre-booked:
Enquiries: or 0773 939 7369

Kids Sewing Course

Kids Sewing Course

Thursday 7 February
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

This Kids Sewing Course level 1 will teach your child foundation sewing skills. And they will make some easy sewing projects.

At age 8-12, children have the mental capacity to learn the basic concepts and sufficient manual dexterity to operate a sewing machine. It’s actually the perfect age at which to learn. Sewing is an ideal creative activity for children. It develops their manual dexterity, hand/eye co-ordination, and encourages focus and concentration. Completing a sewing project from start to finish fosters a sense of accomplishment that can boost a child’s morale and self-confidence. And it’s really great fun! Plus it gives them a huge sense of achievement and self-worth.

Because they’re having such a great time, they don’t actually realise how many valuable sewing skills they are learning which will stay with them for life.

Taught by a lifelong sewist (since age 7) and degree-trained textile designer.

Must be pre-booked at:
Enquiries: or 0773 939 7369

Make your own Eye Pillow for Yoga

Make your own Eye Pillow for Yoga

Thursday 7 February
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Love our eyepillows? Make your own!

Join Panda Yoga and kitwit studio for an evening of making and yoga.

We start with a making workshop in studio G8, where you will fill your own eyepillow with rice and lavender, and sew a cover using fabric from our upcycling stash (unless you want to bring your old jammies or similar clothing-beyond-repair).

After a short break, we’ll move up to 6.28 for an hour of yin yoga using your newly made eyepillows.

All fabric and fillings provided along with yoga props for the class. Tickets £15

To book: