Events - 5 May 18

Relax Kids

Sunday 22 April - Sunday 24 June
10:00 am - 12:15 pm


Relax Kids offers fun activity classes to help children manage anxiety and emotions while building self-esteem and confidence. Relax Kids Classes are starting back at St. Margarets House Meadowbank in February.

The next Relax Kids sessions will be running from Panda Yoga Studios 6.28 St Margaret’s House 151 London Road EH7 6AE starting in April.

• 5-8 year-old 10.15-11.15 Starting Sun 22nd April Magical Adventures
• 9-12 year-olds 11.15-12.15 Chill Skills is ideal for kids that are transitioning up to the upper end of primary or onto high school.

Third Year Exhibition

Third Year Exhibition

Saturday 28 April - Sunday 13 May
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

‘Third Year Exhibition’ showcases a variety of works by painting, inter-media, sculpture and photography students currently studying at Edinburgh College of Art. This inter-disciplinary exhibition collates a wide variety of artistic styles to produce a bold, energetic collection of work, which highlights the talents of the up-and-coming artists and creates an exciting visual experience for the audience.

Introduction to Tapestry Weaving

Introduction to Tapestry Weaving

Saturday 5 May
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


2 week course, running for 5 hours on subsequent Saturday @ 
10:00 am – 4 pm
10 hours tuition in total

Learn the basics and create a piece to take home
Loom and yarns provided

Course includes:
• Select a design and suitable yarns
• Create a warp on the loom; knotting to space and secure
• Basic weaving techniques; introducing new colours, creating shapes and patterns
• Finish the top & back of the weaving and cut off the loom
• Look at hanging options

Studio 2:39

PAINTING ON GLASS    Several firings. Enamels and Silver Stain  (Level Two)

PAINTING ON GLASS Several firings. Enamels and Silver Stain (Level Two)

Saturday 5 May - Sunday 6 May
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

This is a workshop for those who have attend my “one level painting on glass” course, or for those who have a basic knowledge about glass paint and you want to go deeper into multiple firing and use of enamels and silver stain.

We’ll produce several samples and we’ll develop during the two intensive days a couple of more elaborate pieces of glass paint.
We’ll manage to make 3 firings.
This last work will be fired overnight and can be collected the week after or you can arrange it to be posted to your home.

You are welcome to bring your own images to work, or you can choose between a variety of images from my design archive.

Porcelain in Jewellery Weekend course

Porcelain in Jewellery Weekend course

Saturday 5 May - Sunday 6 May
10:30 am - 3:00 pm

This weekend workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced jewellers who would like to try new material. You will learn about different clay techniques and how to make jewellery from porcelain in depth.

Porcelain pieces may appear fragile but actually fired porcelain is very hard material. On Mohs scale of hardness porcelain is 7 which is the hardness of most semiprecious stones as Quartz family (Amethyst, Citrine etc.) or Garnets. It is much harder than glass (glass is 5,5) or silver (2.5). Porcelain is fired on the temperature of 1240-1400C which makes it so durable and very well suited for jewellery.​

On first day I will be introducing various types of clay, how to work with clay, firings, various decorative techniques and colouring. You will think about the connections of clay and other materials and how their samples could relate to the body. This day we will make a lot of testing pieces which would be then fired overnight for you to inform your learning next day. On second day we will design and make your final jewellery pieces and learn to assembly the test pieces from Saturday.​

Your second day fired porcelain pieces will be available to pick up on following Monday or within 1 week.​

Re:Connect Digital Drop-ins

Re:Connect Digital Drop-ins

Saturday 5 May
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

11 am – 1 pm (1st , 3rd , 5th Saturday in the month)
4pm – 6pm (2nd & 4th Saturday in the month)

People Know How’s latest project supports people to realise their full potential.
Re:Connect is a service that provides free access to laptops along with volunteers to help people navigate online services.

Voodoo Dolls Workshop

Voodoo Dolls Workshop

Saturday 5 May
11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Come & join us for few hours of learning how to make voodoo doll aka “human shaped pin cushion”.
Bring your friend and get special discount (£25 for two people)
Book on CAIM Facebook page (message).
Tea, coffee, nibbles on us.