Upward Mobility

Field of work: Charity/Community group, Learning/Workshop spaces

St. Margaret’s House
Studio: B1 Floor: Basement 1  
Phone: 0131 661 4411
Web: www.upwardmobilityproject.com
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Every morning of the week a revolving group of around 40 people arrive at Edinburgh Palette, heading for floor B1. Some come on the buses, some via taxis at the back door. Some are in wheelchairs, some need a hand getting here, some come on their own. All are here to learn, all of them have fun and all of them have a learning disability of one kind or another.

We are Upward Mobility Project. We use every inch of the basement 1 floor. We offer over 60 specialist workshops a week, you might hear the percussion group practicing their 7/5 beats, you might be in the background of the photography workshops frequent shoots around the building and you will definitely smell the nine cooking and baking workshops we do each week.

We believe everyone, regardless of ability, has the right to meaningful opportunities for lifelong learning. Our mission is to provide it in a safe, supportive environment for as many people as possible across Edinburgh and the Lothians. We hope to see you around the building, do say hello.

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