The Dread Doctor

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Floor: Studio: 5.07 
Phone: 07851065493


Edinburgh based Loctician since 2001.
Natural Dread locks/Fayrie locks/Elf locks for all hair types - silky straight to curly afro.
If you are looking for some extra length or to add some extra dreads for fullness, a very realistic finish is achieved with synthetic hair to match your shade. Or if you are looking for something a bit brighter there are plenty of exciting colours to choose from.
Custom dreads made to order, or installations with your own home made locks are welcome.

Wool locks will be added to the list of available services in the near future.
Dread lock soap and products on the horizon.

Completing training in Naturopathic holistic healing. Watch this space for openings for consultations. Part of the training is to do thorough case taking which will be offered free of charge for the first few months, then at a donation rate of £10 to £20. Full rates to be confirmed once qualified.

The best way to contact me is via my facebook page, text message or email.

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