Marie Dubaille

Field of work: Architecture/Design, Painting/Print/Illustration

Floor: Studio: 5.19 B 


Hi, I'm a French drawing and painting artist, working mostly with portraits and figures.
I have a deep interest in the emotion that is retrieved from a face or a movement, the unspoken that rises to the surface of the skin.
Using mostly ink, sometimes gouache and collages, I tend not to go for the mimetic resemblance, but for the iconic expression.

I'm also a training Interior Designer, who will gladly help anyone having questions regarding home refurbishment.
I've worked 5 years for a Parisian Architecture and Design Studio, dealing with Private Apartments and House extensions.
I can create Design Boards, draw plans, and build 3D sketches, as well as Hand Drawn Models of Interiors.

Contact: Marie Dubaille

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