Lucas Chih Peng Kao 高智鵬

Field of work: Music/Film/Animation, Photography, Uncategorisable

St. Margaret’s House
Studio: G18 Floor: Ground  
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I am an award winning short Filmmaker and Artist, he was born in Taiwan and now based in Edinburgh. For my art work, I work across installation, performance, dance, photography and video.

For photography, I prefer working with large format camera and using analogue technique dated back to the beginning of photography, specialising in Wet Plate Collodion, Gum Bichromate, Cyanotype and Gum Oil. I enjoy the slowness of the process, the amount of soul and effort poured in to produce an unpredictable result, making every print and object unique.



Latest Film:
Movement in Progress/3mins/Documentary Dance Film

Contact: Lucas Chih Peng Kao 高智鵬

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