Directory Launch

We are delighted to unveil a new function on the Edinburgh Palette website that will act as a directory for our residents at St Margaret’s House.

Visitors will be able to use the website to search for a resident, or to look up artists and businesses in the building. Each profile will have a short description, images, links to a website and social media and an optional contact form.

You will be able to edit and add information to your profile. The Residents Directory will go “live” on the website early September, once all the information has been tested for publishing.

As a resident, you have an account. You just need to activate it reseting your password hereIf you don’t receive an email when reseting your password, it might be because we have incomplete contact details for you. In which case please get in touch with Cécile (who is now replacing Karl as Arts Community Assistant) with your name and studio number, to check you’re on the system –

Residents sharing or sub-letting studios can create separate profiles. Please message Cécile with your name and studio number.

If you feel that this is not for you and would prefer to be removed from the new system completely, then please get in touch with Cécile.

If you don’t have stable internet access, then feel free to to use the Library computer on the Third Floor.

The earlier you activate your account and fill-in your details the better as we will be able to test properly the full function of the Resident Directory.

Regards from a sunny office at St Margaret’s House,
From the Edinburgh Palette Arts Community Team


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