Open Doors Registration forms

Open Doors @ St Margaret’s House
Saturday 21st of October – Sunday 22nd of October 2017
11am – 6pm (TBC)

The Open Doors is an opportunity for neighbours, families, friends and members of the public to discover the wonders that lie within the walls of St Margaret’s House.

Important dates

Open Studio registration deadline: Friday 8th of September 2017
(But the earlier the better, so we can start entering details on Facebook)

Guidelines to register to the Open Doors

  • Please fill in the registration form online with the information you would like to see on the printed programme
    > Register your studio here
    > Register a workshop or an event here
    > Register a family-friendly workshop/event here
    > before Friday 8th September 2017!
  • PPL insurance – PAT testing – Risk Assessment
    > All Open Doors residents MUST have their own Public Liability Insurance (your A/N membership). Please confirm below that you have a current membership.
    > All Open Doors residents MUST fill in new risk assessment. If electrical items in your studio haven’t been P.A.T tested please be in touch with Daniel from the office – or provide proof of P.A.T testing.
  • There is no fee towards Edinburgh Palette for opening your studio or running an event or a workshop during the weekend.
  • List of Spaces Available for Workshops
    Please click to see the list of facilities on our website, if you want to book a space for the weekend. Regarding any workshops/events organised during the weekend in one of these spaces : facilitators are responsible for providing their own materials and tools, they are also responsible for cleaning up the area after their workshops.

Promoting the event 

The Open Doors Weekend programme (the list of studios opening for the weekend and events and workshops with the information you’ve filled in on the form) will be distributed one month ahead around the city and to all visitors at the weekend. We have already announced the event on Edinburgh Palette’s website and we’ll continue to share the info far and wide via the website, our newsletters and social media channels.

If you haven’t do so already, like, follow  & use our social media channels!
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Any help to promote the event is welcome!

  • Flyers & Posters: distribute programmes in your local area & in any other art venue you think would attract some public & take posters only if you know you will be leaving in the appropriate venues. We will be making also an e-flyer that you will be able to send to all your contacts.
  • Social media: If you are a Facebook user, please mention you are ‘going’ on the official Facebook event (coming soon)! Share with as many people as possible & as often as possible until the day of the event. It’s a good idea to take some photos of your studio or make a little introduction to your sharing by giving details about your practice & what you will be showing during the Open Doors (work in progress-latest drawings etc).
  • If you have a Facebook page, you can also create your own Facebook event and mention: ‘This is part of the Open Doors Weekend @StMargaretsHouseEdinburgh. Full programme of the weekend on the page.’
  • Resident’s Directory: if you haven’t, do update your profile on the Residents Directory please. We are going to set up a touchscreen for visitors to access it when they come in. You can tick the box ‘Participate to the Open Doors Weekend’ so that you are listed online.

Open Doors Extras

Scottish International Storytelling Festival and Thrive Archive
This year, Jan Bee Brown from the Thrive Archive is organising storytelling tours of the building on Saturday! All exciting details are here. If you have a story to share or want to be part of the journey please indicate this on your open studio form (click the box) and contact Jan on

Meet your neighbours
The Open Doors is an opportunity to give everyone a better idea of the different types of artists, collectives, charities & businesses creating and working here. During the Open Doors take the time to network & visit your fellow residents by having someone who can replace you in your studio!

If you have any questions, contact Cecile at


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