Our Precious and Precarious World Open Call for Art

Climate change is an issue that effects everyone, so it’s important that it represents the voices of everyone in the Edinburgh community. We’re encouraging any kind of submission, from any kind of artist, experienced or not. All ages are welcome too. Drawings, paintings, sculptures, digital art, collages, calligraphy or photographs would all be gratefully accepted, as well as anything else that you might like to create. We would love to exhibit artworks from as many different people as possible to represent our wonderfully diverse community in Edinburgh and their opinions on climate change. Your contributions would be enthusiastically appreciated.

Drawings, paintings, photographs, collage, textiles, fibre arts, recycled material, digital images, sculpture, all are welcome. EVERYONE, experienced or not, is invited to submit work.

You might think about: Climate change, Pollution, Recycling and The beauty and fragility of nature.

The exhibition is organised by the Together Trust Eco Group
Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th October, 12 – 5pm

St Cuthbert’s Church, Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2EP


  • Up to three (3) works per artist
  • Unframed work: maximum size A3 (landscape or portrait)
  • Framed work: maximum size 45cm x 35 cm (landscape or portrait)
  • Sculpture: maximum size of base 50cm x 50cm (free standing)

All works should be handed in to St Cuthbert’s, Lothian Road, between October 14th and October 23th from 11 am to 2 pm

Please plan to collect your work on Sunday 31st Oct 12 noon to 3 pm or Monday 1st Nov from 11 am to 2 pm

Please attach the following information to identify your work: title of work, name of artist, medium, a description (max 30 words) that will go on the label and contact details.

Please register this information
by 1st October at www.togetheredinburgh.org.uk/art or contact: Martin Pearce, martin.j.pearce@blueyonder.co.uk phone 07913 625 394

No work will be for sale at the exhibition, but artists may include the address of their web-site or similar on the label if desired.

We will endeavour to take care of your work, but please be aware that exhibits are loaned at owner’s risk and will not be insured.

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