Artisanry Co – Online Shop is Coming Soon

Artisanry Co’s. community has grown steadily and has also always committed to providing a sales platform that everyone can trust.

Their preparations are complete and they are ready to launch their online shop. Here’s what you need to know.

The Artisanry Co. online shop will attract craft buyers of bespoke products from a variety of creative disciplines available in the UK. It focuses on positioning these bespoke items as high-quality competitors to mainstream, mass-produced products.

An ethical marketplace with transparent and fair pricing is not the only benefit of the Artisanry Co online shop. It is an integral part of a community of like-minded UK-based makers. This makes Artisanry Co unique. A platform that offers both a marketplace and a community.

The online shop is ready. They’re building their products from the community of makers, a portfolio of products to emphasize the bespoke nature of handmade products. An appreciation of the time it takes for handmade products to be made is also something that Artisanry Co. will help your consumers develop.

By buying through Artisanry Co., your consumers will be able uniquely to support small independent makers and thereby the local economies. The majority of profits from sales will be reinvested in supporting the community of makers.

If you’re a small UK-based maker creating unique, bespoke products, you are just the type of maker Artisanry Co is looking for.

If you want to be involved get in contact with Artisanry Co.

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