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Looking for market stall share

my name is Evaldas from G19 and am looking for help in regards to Edinburgh Markets.
I am looking for a market stall in any of Edinburgh markets, preferably Grassmarket and the fringe and of course Christmas market .
I am looking for anyone who could help to get one or share one for starters . The products I will be selling is Ceramic candle houses and ceramic incense burners.
If you have any advice or would like to share a market stall with me, please get in touch. You can reach me by email on or come by the studio G19.
Best regards,
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Free to a good home

Rosemary Taylor from studio 6.06 has a few items she is donating free to a good home:

  • 2 large canvases 102 x 128 cm
  • 3 large painting boards 120 x 180 cm
  • 1 office chair
  • frames
  • large drawing boards

Contact Rosemary, studio 6.06 on 07722607759 or via email

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Clearance sale | Tables for sale

Anuschka  from Studio 6.12 is moving out and has some items she would like re-homed:
Large wooden desk – 60 x 74cm, in very good condition – £12
Small wooden desk – 55 x 79.4cm, in good condition with some paint marks – £5
Two metal tables – 56 x 56cm, in good condition with some paint marks – £4 each
Large swing bin – good condition – free
The best way to contact her is on or 07730 462 163, ideally before the 27th, as she’ll be moving out on Monday the 28th.
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Studio Clearance sale

Cat Thorogood is moving out next week and has a few bits of furniture that she can’t take to her new studio.

All the furniture is is really good condition and it includes; one large shelving unit, a metal cabinet, folding sofa and a desk. It would need to be collected from studio 1.11 by Tuesday 29th of May.

Hindo Cabinet – £40 (as new £100)

Folding sofa  – £40 (as new £100)

Ikea Ivar 3 section shelving unit – £100 (as new £217)…/hindö-cabinet-w-shelving-unit-in-outdoor-grey-spr-49048454

Large wooden desk which is free!

People can either contact me on  or 07707 637072.

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Car Park CLOSED – 18th & 19th May!

Please be aware that the Car Park surrounding St Margaret’s House and Meadowbank House will be closed from 6pm on Friday the 18th of May

Scottish Power will be blocking the access road as the Sub Station is being replaced.

A heavy crane will be being used to facilitate the change. This crane will block the main route in and out of St Margaret’s House.
Parking is discouraged on Friday the 18th during the day and definitely all cars need to vacate the car park before 5 pm on Friday the 18th of May 2018. 
If you run workshops or events, please make all your clients aware of this.
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Help needed for our Swap Days

We need help with our monthly Swap Days for the rest of 2018. Without volunteers we can’t open the beloved Swap Shop.

Please indicate any of the days/times that you feel you would be available to help keep the Swap Shop open, safe and manageable for the benefit of everyone who loves it.


I  have been thinking to have the space open between 2- 7pm as core hours, giving tenants afternoon and evening options, but this could start earlier and finish later as your availability allows. (I have given time options between 12 and 8pm in the poll)

I think it would be good to have 3 or 4 people wo/manning the space during the day, each doing around 2 hours each with some overlaps.

I would also like to get a sense if there is anyone who would like to get involved in promoting reuse/upcycling by running a simple drop-in workshops in the Swap Shop during the Swap Days? Please email me or leave a comment in doodle poll. more

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Fashion Model available

RayganHello everyone, my name is Raygan Bold and I am 27. I am passionate about fashion and modelling and would love to contribute if you needed a model. For example it could be for a fashion show or to model your designs. I have been involved in two fashion shows organised by Models of Diversity. I am bubbly and I enjoy working with people, if you are looking for models please get in touch at:

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Another chance to buy some furniture, tools and books before I move out of Studio
4.05. Everything is as good as new and now needs a good home to go to. Grab a real
bargain now from the following collection:

  • a sturdy table top (size 80 x 160 cm)
  • a custom made, mobile storage unit,
  • second hand books
  • IKEA Gnedby shelves and IKEA desk light
  • beautiful box files (set of 4)
  • a box full of ‘jumble’ including tools, stationary, …

I’m happy to accept most offers and would consider giving some of the items away for
free. For more details please text or call me on 0775 164 9161.

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Find – Grow – See – Microbiology Beginners Course

Date: 12 June 2018

Time: 18:30 – 21:00

Venue: ASCUS Lab, Summerhall, Summerhall Place, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

Price: £130/£100 Concession

Description: Experience the world of microorganisms living around us or even on us, exploring various ways of isolating and growing these tiny things. ASCUS Lab is equipped with several incubators and houses a collection of different microorganisms available for you to work with. These include model organisms like E. coli and baker’s yeast to fungi and bacteria producing light, antibiotics or pigments. This course will take you through the brief history of microbiology and will cover every stage of microbiology experiments from growth medium preparation, sample collection and inoculation, incubation, and observation. Explore and gain understanding of how our world is inhabited and literally covered with microbes and how different organisms interact with each other and can be used in art, food production, and biotechnology. more

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