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Scottish Parliament congratulates Upward Mobility

Ash Denham vists UpmoEdinburgh Palette is delighted to announce that a motion to congratulate Upward Mobility on their recent grant award was lodged by MSP Ash Denham with the Scottish Parliament on the 24th of January.

The full motion can be be read below:

“That the Parliament congratulates Upward Mobility Ltd, which is based in the Edinburgh Eastern constituency, on receiving a grant of £46,284 from the Young Start programme; more

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Golden Hour in the Arts Community Office

In order to boost our productivity in the arts community office we will reserve 11am  – 12pm as a quiet hour. During this time we’ll get our heads down and work with the office door closed. At any other time you are welcome to pop into the office and we will be happy to help you or answer any questions you may have.

To make it easier for you to know when we are in we now have a rota on our door so you know when Sophia, Cécile and Johanna will be in the office.

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Deadline approaching | The Imago Mundi Project

imago-mundi-projectCalling all open-minded artists, emerging or established to participate in non-profit, international project.

Don’t forget you can pick up a canvas or board from either the main office or the Arts Community office on the third floor of St Margaret’s House!

Deadline: February 4th 2017

Scotland’s representative and co-curator for the Imago Mundi project, is in search of passionate artists to contribute a piece of work in any medium only 10cmx12cm in scale. A board or stretched canvas can be supplied. Please visit the Imago Mundi website to see the wealth of artworks already curated and presented at such prestigious locations as the Venice biennale, the Dakar biennale and the Pratt institute New York.  more

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Feel Good Fridays

Link Up Women’s Support Centre still has a couple of spaces on their Feel Good Fridays for mothers and children who can start this week and enjoy the 7 remaining sessions.  The FREE sessions offer women and their children (aged 1-5) a chance to develop new skills to enjoy together at home and to start off the weekend feeling positive:

  •     Yoga – fun ways to stretch together
  •     Meditation – mindfulness matters
  •     PEEP – play through crafts
  •     Bookbug – discovering the joy in books

And if that wasn’t enough – you get a FREE yoga mat too.  Give us a call on 661 9292 to find out more.

Find out more on our website: or look at our poster

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HOSPITALFIELD | 2017 Visual Art Residency Programme

Now Open for applications

Hospitalfield Residency. Image: Ruth Clark
Image: Ruth Clark

Summer Residency 2017 

Deadline: Monday 23 January 2017, midnight

Residency Period: 28 June – 26 July 2017
Places: 7 – each receive a £1000 Research & Development Bursary
Eligibility: UK and UK-based visual
Selectors: Stephen Sutcliffe, Artist; Nicole Yip, LUX Scotland

Autumn Residency 2017

Deadline: Monday 23 January 2017, midnight more

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NEW TERM of Iyengar Yoga classes

Yoga Now Studio - Iyengar Yoga classA NEW TERM of Iyengar Yoga classes starts at Yoga Now studio on Monday 9th January.

Now is a great time to start – we have yoga classes to suit everybody!

IYENGAR YOGA is a complete system of yoga – we do everything, beginning with alignment in the standing poses, through a variety of sequences, seated postures, twists, inversions, backbends to long holds in supported (comfortable) restorative asanas, relaxation and pranayama (breath work). We have a very thorough teacher training system which enables us to give individual support to students, adapting poses so that everyone can do them, even the very stiff or infirm! Students progress at their own pace so that everyone is challenged but nobody runs ahead of what their body can cope with. more

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Need a Model? Call Andrew.

I am a retired male who likes to help artists by doing voluntary modelling. I have helped many artists in central Scotland for several years. I am happy to sit for one or more artists. If I can help please call me on (0131) 346 1961 or email I am always voluntary. 
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