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Local event | Ian Sclater Double-header

mePlease join Ian Sclater for two gigs this weekend, when he will be the featured act at Edinburgh’s top two open mic evenings:

Sat May 30 Out of the Bedroom

The Kilderkin, 67 Canongate, 8pm

 Sun May 31 The Listening Room

The Blue Blazer, 2 Spittal St., 7pm


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Opportunity | Himalayan Centre for Arts and Culture

Hello there,
My name is Victoria and I coordinate the Himalayan Centre for Arts & Culture’s Home Visits that are part of the Centre’s Climate Change Hub project. Caroline Kemp (from Girls Rock School) suggested I get in touch with you to promote the project I’m currently working on.


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Access to Sport and Culture

Call To Action From Edinburgh’s Cultural Community

Please find below a link to the Desire Lines report, Call To Action From Edinburgh’s Cultural Community’, which was published this week.

The Desire Lines process arose from the ongoing review of the Council’s Cultural Policy which aims to reflect a citywide agenda. A Representative Peer Group from the cultural sector was identified and this group delivered a major consultation involving over 600 participants, which included events, discussions and an online survey.

The Desire Lines document will be presented to the Culture & Sport Committee on 26 May, asking the Committee to welcome the extensive consultation as well as the full engagement of the cultural community in the Desire Lines process and in the further progress of its findings.

This co-operative process was designed to ensure that the Policy reflects as broad a range of voices as possible and can subsequently be taken forward in partnership. This approach reflects the understanding that the Council’s role is that of a key partner in the cooperative delivery of the cultural ambitions of the city.


Leith Creative is a research project mapping cultural resources and creative industries within the Leith area. Since the beginning of the year, a variety of cultural representatives in Leith alongside individual creatives and practitioners have participated in this project.  Further information and findings the report can be viewed here


Thundering Hooves 2.0 – A ten year strategy to sustain the success of Edinburgh’s Festivals

Read the Thundering Hooves 2.0 report (published on 21 May 2015) – an ambitious new strategy with a series of recommendations to sustain and strengthen Edinburgh’s status as the world’s leading festival city.


Funding opportunities to promote walking

We are delighted to announce that funding for the promotion of walking is available now! This is an initiative of the City of Edinburgh Council that supports the promotion of walking in local communities.  We would welcome applications which seek to address any of the following:

Address health inequalities

Target the inactive

Reduce social isolation

Increase social capital

Work with those with long term conditions

Grants available are focused on two areas:

  1. Grants to map and produce walking maps of a local area or community. Up to £1000
  2. Grants to promote walking through the purchase, issue and promotion of pedometers.  Up to £500 (50 pedometers)

We aim to work alongside local community organisations, health partnerships and voluntary groups to fund and develop walking within the city with the  long term aims of increasing physical activity participation through the promotion of walking and reducing health inequalities.

Successful applications will be expected to produce an evaluation on the outcomes of their funding.

To find out more about the funding available email request an application form email

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