Discover 21 Theatre

Discover 21D21 was founded in November 2013 by Jen McGregor and Dave McFarlane.

What started out as an empty room in a disused office block now has a seating bank, lighting bars, a prop and costume store and a PA system.

The theatre is completely unfunded, just like most of the companies who bring work to it. By not seeking arts funding at this point in our development, D21 can retain complete creative freedom. This allows us to experiment, to let our programmes develop organically, to remain responsive and able to do things at short notice. It means we are answerable only to the people directly involved with D21 – the artists and audience make the place what it is.


In addition to Jen and Dave, there is a core group of loyal people who put a lot of hard work into making D21 exist. We see it as a community resource, a place where Edinburgh’s grassroots theatre artists can work, experiment and socialise. There’s always room for more people to contribute their skills and help to keep the place going, so if you want to be one of us, just show up and talk to us. We’ll be delighted to meet you.

Discover 21 also now handle all bookings for our designated theatre and performance room, G5 located opposite their theatre on the Ground Floor. Contact them for information on booking the space via email.

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